Ice cream lovers everywhere do not limit their indulgence to the occasional summer day; true ice cream lovers are able to find a reason to have the sweet dessert all year long. There are an abundant of combinations that can make you want to skip your balanced meal and go straight to dessert. But what if you could actually have the dessert as your meal?

Spaghetti Eis, invented by Italian ice cream maker, Dario Fontenella, is an ice cream dish prepared to resemble a plate of spaghetti. By pressing vanilla ice cream through a potato ricer, noodles are created. Topped with  strawberry sauce to mirror tomato sauce and coconut or white chocolate shavings to appear as parmesan cheese, you can fool yourself that you're eating a meal, though it is ice cream. Whipped crème is the special surprise you reach in the middle which leave your taste buds craving for another yummy bite.

So where do you find Spaghetti Eis here in Texas?

Waffle Cone via Facebook
Waffle Cone via Facebook

Lucky for us, not very far. Waffle Cone Ice Cream Shop at 508 E Cove Terrace Shopping Center, Copperas Cove, is where you can find this unique dessert.

Ice Cream Cupcakes


Spaghetti not your kind of thing? What about cupcakes? Wait... what about ice cream cupcakes?

Founded in 1983, Maggie Moo's in Temple has been making homemade ice cream, hand-crafted waffle cones, and custom ice cream cakes. They also make their ice cream cakes in miniature form. You are able to purchase a single cupcake or order them in sets of six or 12.


If you are looking for something really unique, try Pistachio Kulfi.  Kulfi has similarities to ice cream in appearance and taste; however it is denser and creamier.[This popular Indian dessert comes in a variety of different flavors.Traditional kulfi is flavored with the spice, cardamom. Red Onion Indian Bistro in Killeen is well-known for having superior Pistachio Kulfi.

This weekend when you're out-and-about, try one of these amazing desserts and let us know what you think.


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