Blue Bell is kicking off 2019 by getting you ready for the next "holiday" (even though we don't necessarily celebrate it here in Texas) with the return of one of its best flavored ice cream. Now if we can get the "days off" like our neighbors in Louisiana do.

Blue Bell announced that its Mardi Gras King Cake Flavor Limited Edition Ice Cream will be available in all regions that carry Blue Bell. The ice cream maker has been making the flavor since 2012 but only sold it in Louisiana and Alabama but demand for the flavor outside of those areas caused the company to hook everyone up with a chance to try this flavor of ice cream.

The Mardi Gras inspired dessert is made with a cinnamon cake flavored ice cream, tasty pastry pieces and a colorful cream cheese swirl with festive candy sprinkles.  - Blue Bell

Now, we need Blue Bell to throw a parade for this flavor and help Texas get on board with making Mardi Gras a state holiday so we can take a few days off to enjoy this yummy ice cream. Throw us something mister!

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