There's nothing in the ocean that could hurt me when I'm on the beach, right? WRONG!

When you cast for fish while standing on the beach, you don't expect to hook a shark. Well that's what happened at Padre Island National Seashore last week.

KRISTV reports that a group of local fisherman caught a 12-foot tiger shark at the beach. Yes. The beach where your children swim and play.

"Well, maybe it was a long ways off shore," you may think. How far have you sent a fishing cast? OK, and after you cast the line what do you do? That's right - reel it in. Meaning you are bringing the lure back to you. So, even if you can cast a mile, which you can't, the line was being reeled in, meaning the shark was close to shore.

Tell me. Do you see a wood chipper and think you'd better toss the kids in? That's what you're doing when you let your children swim in the ocean. You are allowing your own flesh and blood to become fish chum.


That way the only thing that could hurt them, besides failing to swim, are poisonous chlorine gas fumes.

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