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A heartbreaking image has emerged from the CBP South Texas Twitter page. The photo shows a toddler and a baby found in some bushes. As reported by ABC 13 in Houston, Under the baby's carrier,  Border Patrol agents found a note that said the 2-year-old girl and 3-month-old boy were siblings from Honduras. Here is the miraculous part.  Neither child was in need of medical attention.  They were taken to be processed in Uvalde. This is another heartbreaking story coming from the border crises.

Here on the homefront, we are also fighting the border crises by way of bailouts and human trafficking.   Bailouts if you are unfamiliar is when a vehicle, frequently a truck or SUV is pulled over and undocumented immigrants bail out of the vehicle often attempting to avoid capture and arrest.

Human Trafficking is something we are also dealing with here in south Texas. Law enforcement is seeing many more instances of people crossing illegally that have 'flags' or records that might have caused them to have their request to enter the US legally declined. Many of these immigrants are told there is a better life waiting for them in America and then offered a loan by the cartel to travel across the border. Once across, they are basically owned by the cartel because the immigrant has no way of paying the cartel back. It has become a humanitarian issue.  Cartels  see this way, 'you can sell an illegal drug once, but you can sell a human over and over again.'  It is absolutely heartbreaking and sickening.


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