There's 50 states in America, so you've got to know some are just too F'd up to ever visit. I'm looking at you Virginia.

Christos Georghiou

Everyone loves Trick or Treating. It's standard experience for a young American. In most areas the "Trick" part of the night becomes more relevant the older you get, but you still hit up the candy bar houses for a good dose of chocolate. That is to say, unless you live in Virginia.

It seems that the state considers you an adult when you hit 13. Sure you can't drink until you're 21, unless you do it in your own home, then you can get drunk at 18. But, if you go out Trick or Treating, you're breaking the law.

The only way an "adult" can go out Trick or Treating is if they're protecting a child. You not allowed to dress up, and you can't ask for candy. Of course you can't, you're not dressed up.

Any state that places so many stipulations on "fun" has some issues. But really, it's not that hard to understand.

You see, Virginia is for Lovers. And if your "lover" wants to go trick or treating, it makes it very difficult to forget the fact that you're nailing a 13 year old.

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