Coryell County authorities have arrested two people suspected of burglaries in at least three local counties and recovered around $150,000 worth of stolen goods.

KWTX reports that 35-year-old Billy Tate Shoaf and 24-year-old Ashley Nicole Mitchell were taken into custody Monday at 110 Old Waco St. in Gatesville.

Coryell County Jail records indicate that both have been charged with theft of property greater than $1,500, less than $20,000. Mitchell's profile on the jail's inmate roster lists an additional charge of theft of property greater than $2,500, less than $30,000. Bond information was not listed.

Investigators told KWTX that arresting officers saw several items known to have been stolen lying in plain view inside the home. Authorities obtained a search warrant for the home Monday and reportedly recovered items stolen in Bell, Bosque, and Coryell Counties. They also found marijuana and methamphetamine.

Information indicating stolen items were being kept in a storage facility in Gatesville led to police obtaining a warrant and searching there Tuesday. Police say they recovered more stolen property at the facility.

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