A 'vague message' about today's date prompted tightened security at Gatesville High School.

Gatesville ISD via KWTX
Gatesville ISD via KWTX

KWTX shared the letter above, which was issued by Principal Yancey Sanderson Monday to address rumors of a threat that spread after a student informed school officials of an unspecified message concerning the school and the date 12/12/17.

As a precaution, additional Gatesville Police Department officers were patrolling the campus Tuesday.

Parents with questions or concerns are asked to call the school at (254) 865-8281.

The contents of Principal Sanderson's letter are printed below for those who are unable to see or load the image above.

December 11, 2017

Hello GHS Family,

Recognizing parents' rights and needs for accurate information about student safety, I wanted to share with you details of an incident that occurred at Gatesville High School. Earlier today, we received a report about a very vague message about 12/12/17. While there were not many specifics given, a concerned student brought it to the attention of school administration, where we began investigating the report immediately.

Unfortunately, as word spread among students about the report, the incident transformed from unfounded into untrue. With support from Gatesville Police Department, we have investigated these reports thoroughly, and do not have any reliable information about any dire or dangers situation happening at GHS.

We applaud all students who came forward with concerns, and we take information such as this very seriously. Student safety is our primary concern, and we will continue to investigate reports as they arise.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact campus officials , (254) 865-8281.


Yancey Sanderson
Principal, Gatesville High School

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