A Texas veteran has been told not to fly his Texas flag outside his Corpus Christi apartment because it may offend non-Texans. The really odd thing - it's not the local apartment managers who have an issue with the flag.

Archie Kroll told KIII-TV he's raised a Texas flag in a rocky area outside his unit at Corpus' Sugartree Apartments every morning since moving in four months ago. Last week, he receive a letter from the complex's corporate management office in Austin that he can no longer fly the flag in what they're calling a "common area".

According to Kroll, the corporate office believes the flag may offend others, and that if Kroll is allowed to fly it, they'll have to allow other residents to display flags and banners as well, which might also offend someone. They reportedly told Kroll he may only display the flag inside his apartment.

KIII-TV reached out to the local managers, who said the area where Kroll was flying the flag was not considered a common space before. Attempts by the news channel to contact the Austin branch for clarification were unsuccessful.

Other residents told KIII-TV they have no problem with Kroll's flag. Meanwhile, he's waiting to hear more from the Austin management team, and says he'll move if they don't change their minds.

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