Tensions were definitely high yesterday when the two NFL rival teams the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles faced off at AT&T stadium.

Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott, who we all know was injured last year, knew this game would be different and more meaningful than any so far this season, as it was against such a big rival. It's a good thing he was at home in Dallas, where there were plenty of cheering fans who truly love and support him.

All that positivity definitely contributed to the Cowboy's winning performance. They took the W with a score of 41 vs 21.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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Don’t get me wrong. The Philadelphia Eagles put up a good fight. Jalen Hurts definitely showed plenty of dedication and leadership, and head coach Nick Serani supported him 100%. But in the words of Brandy Norwood's hit single, "Almost doesn’t count".

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals
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Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Tom Pennington, Getty Images

We also cannot deny that Dak Prescott knew exactly how to move the ball last night. Dak took full advantage of every pass that was open for him. This was one of those games that had the people of Dallas and all of Texas hyped about an at-home victory.

To be honest, I was not that surprised about the win. It was more the score that caught me off guard. I believe it is safe to say most of us didn't expect it to be such a big victory for Dallas.

It leaves only one question on our minds going into week 4:


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