The water situation in Marlin has been a mess for a while, and now the city is under yet another boil notice after a break in a main line.

Marlin Water Main Breaks

The Marlin Democrat reports that crews thought they had repaired the leak after discovering it Sunday morning, but workers discovered another leak later that day. Now the decreased pressure has left many homes without water, and others needing to boil their water before human consumption.

Marlin Boil Water Notice

That's correct: Texas Commission of Environmental Quality has issued a boil water notice. Even though boiling your water is highly recommended, remember that using bottle water is just fine as well.

Boil For 1 Minute, Even If Filtered

The CDC recommends you bring any water you're going to consume to a rolling boil for at least 1 minute. Even if your water has gone through a home filtration system, you should still boil it, as harmful microorganisms can still be present.

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Be Careful in the Bathroom, Too

They also recommend you not swallow any water while bathing or showering. You should also used boiled or bottled water to brush your teeth.

Think About Your Pets

Remember: Pets can get sick from contaminated water as well, so give them boiled or bottled water until the situation is under control and safe water service is restored.

Pray for the People of Marlin


We definitely are praying for the city of Marlin that this is taken care of as soon as possible and everything can go back to normal. Until then, please follow the proper precautions and directions to keep yourself and your family safe.

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