Hot, muggy weather didn't stop a fleet of supporters of President Donald Trump from taking to Lake Belton Saturday for a pro-Trump boat parade.

The peaceful demonstration came a week after a similar marine procession at Lake Travis, in which some boats sank or were damaged. Organizers of Belton's parade made safety a top priority, lining boats up according to size and setting a speed limit.

Image Courtesy of Adam Cuker, Vortex Chasers

Hundreds showed up both to participate and to watch. Drone footage from our friend Adam Cuker with Vortex Chasers shows spectators gathered at Belton Dam and along the shore, while many gathered at the Dead Fish Grill restaurant. Voter registration areas were also set up.

Image Courtesy of Adam Cuker, Vortex Chasers

If you couldn't make it to the parade or you didn't have the best vantage point, check out this drone footage from Vortex Chasers. We're truly fortunate to have such a beautiful lake to enjoy here in Central Texas.

Adam, thank you so much for allowing us to share your footage with our audience. You did a fantastic job capturing this event.

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