It's finally Friday, which means many of us might be able to breathe easier knowing another tough work week is over.

Of course, no matter how hectic your job's been lately, there's always someone out there who's got it worse. You may feel burned out after a week of welding vent systems, writing reports, or trying to sell [INSERT WHATEVER YOU SELL HERE], but at least you didn't have to jump on a submarine loaded with cocaine, force the hatch open, and bust a bunch of smugglers.

Yep. That happened. Check out the video. (If the video below doesn't load, try this link.)

Interesting Engineering reports that the incident happened June 18. From what I'm reading, these narco submarine busts happen often enough that this is probably routine for our Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard reports that the crew of the CG Cutter Munro confronted the semi-submersible off the eastern coast of South America. The bust was part of an operation carried out between May and July that netted about 39,000 pounds of cocaine and 933 pounds of marijuana. The street value was estimated to be $569 million.

The loot was taken to San Diego, California, where Vice President Mike Pence attended the Coast Guard's unloading it.

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