Footage shows a Seminole County, Florida deputy rescuing a little girl who'd been locked in a hot car for 12 hours.

In video shared by WOFL-TV, Deputy Bill Dunn is seen running with the child limp in his arms as he rushes her to his cruiser. Because the initial call about the child was not a medical alert, an ambulance wasn't sent. Dunn got the girl into his car, cranked up the A/C, and kept her calm and alert as he rushed to the nearest emergency room.

Dunn reported that the girl's heartbeat was rapid, but he was just glad she had one. He waited at the ER until hearing that the girl would be ok, then got to meet her again three days later.

Investigators say the child's mother left her strapped in a car seat overnight following a "liquor run".

Ok, I'm going to rant.

At the end of the video, they start explaining the psychology of "oops, I just forgot my kid was back there" and recommend leaving valuables like your purse or your phone near the safety seat so you remember the sentient being you ripped from the bliss of oblivion into the awful world where you're their parent.

If you need a tip to remember your child, how about this - talk to your kid.


Even if they're only dribbling babies, have a conversation with them. It'll help them learn the language and bond with you, and it'll ensure your vain @$$ doesn't forget the human being to whom you've just been explaining the latest season of Real Housewives.


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