A Waco lifeguard is being credited with saving an 8-year-old girl at a local water park Tuesday morning.

The girl was one of several students from Waco, Connally, and Bruceville-Eddy ISDs who were enjoying a day out at Hawaiian Falls Tuesday morning. (A spokesman from the park couldn't say which ISD the girl was with.)

Ke'Sha Lopez with our partners at News 10 reports that the girl was struggling when the lifeguard spotted her and sprang into action. The child was unconscious by the time she was pulled from the water, but thanks to the lifeguard's training (and maybe a guardian angel), she'd coughed up water and was able to walk around by the time an ambulance arrived shortly after 11 AM.

The lifeguard was only doing their job, but given that the job is to be responsible for the lives of dozens of screaming, splashing kids in a chaotic park setting, I think it's worth patting this person on the back. A person's life was almost cut short at such a young age. Kudos to the lifeguard for being alert and letting that training kick in at the right time.

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