Waco police caught a car thief in the act early Monday morning, but several others are believe to have been involved.

Rhyan Henson with our news partner, KWTX, reports that a man was arrested after a car chase. Police recovered a stolen safe and the discovered signs that the thief and his partners planned to steal at least ten other vehicles.

Around 3 AM Monday, authorities responded to a call of suspicious activity taking place at Marstaller Motors on South Valley Mills Drive in Waco. When police arrived on the scene, they noticed a 2017 Ford Mustang parked on the street outside of the car lot.

The thief in the Mustang saw police and took off, hoping to evade them. During the chase, the thief struck many parked cars in the vicinity of North 34th Street and Bosque Boulevard. The driver then ditched the car and tried to evade the officers on foot, but was quickly caught and arrested.

Police discovered the thief was planning to steal ten other cars, and had the vehicles arranged in a way to make the attempt easier. The police discovered the stolen safe from the office and a set of keys.

According to KWTX, investigators believe the people involved with this attempted crime are responsible for the theft of another vehicle from a different dealership Saturday night.

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