It seems every business is looking for employees at the moment, and the nursing profession is no exception.

If you've ever thought about becoming a certified nursing assistant, now is the time!

Temple College is offering free Certified Nursing Assistant classes to increase the number of CNAs in the local workforce, according to KWTX.

The pandemic has seen a major reduction of workers, causing long-term care facilities to face a dramatic shortage of CNAs.

“Every week it just seems like we have some come and some go. We have definitely gone through the season where from the beginning of covid up until here recently where you are just constantly hiring, constantly interviewing.”

-Arbour House Assisted Living in Waco Executive Director Carrie Pullin

The free certification program not only covers the $1,500 tuition students would normally pay, but also books, supplies, scrubs, and even certification exam fees.

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What Exactly Does a CNA Do?

CNAs are mainly responsible for helping patients with all their daily care activities like bathing, dressing, and going to the restroom.

Certified nursing assistants must be able to listen to patients’ concerns and ask questions to determine their needs.

If you love helping people, this would be a great career for you. In nursing or long-term care facilities, a CNA is often a patient’s main caregiver.

A CNA gets the opportunity to develop personal relationships with patients and make an impact on their daily lives, making this career emotionally rewarding for the right person.

You Need to Hurry

Temple College has about 15 spots left in its free CNA program.

If you or someone you know is interested, contact the college for more information at, or call 254-298-8282.

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