Pop quiz!

You're driving along when you spot a school bus with its red flashing lights on and STOP sign deployed. What do you do?

If you answered "ignore it and keep going" or "try to zoom past before the STOP sign is fully out", you're part of the problem, and you could someday end up at the receiving end of a sting like this.

Videos shared to YouTube by The Tampa Bay Times and WFLA-TV show several drivers whose time is apparently more valuable than the lives and safety of kids in Pasco County, Florida being busted by deputies after failing to stop for a school bus.

In both videos, you can hear Monica Douglas cheering deputies on. In the sheriff's deputy bodycam video, you can hear the officer's frustration as he directs people to pull over to the side of the road.

The graphic below gives a simple picture of Texas' school bus safety laws. They're not complicated, and following them isn't just about not getting a ticket - it's about ensuring that a child doesn't lose their life because someone's in a hurry.

Image Courtesy of Texas DPS
Image Courtesy of Texas DPS

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