When you fall asleep at a stop light, odds are the police will come knocking. When they do, don't panic or this might happen.

A Lubbock man picked up a DWI charge after crashing into a utility pole.

The police pulled up behind him at a stop light Friday. D'Morea Quashaveante Robinson, 18, was asleep in the front seat. The officer knocked on the drivers side window, then walked over to the passenger window. After another attempt to wake him on the drivers side, the officer thought he might need medical attention. He went back over to the passenger side and broke the window. That's when D'Morea woke up, and then took off.

You can see his Pontiac Grand Am in the distance then a ball of light. The policeman caught up to the crash scene and the car was on fire. Then a miracle happened. The fire just went out. Weirdest thing.

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