'Tis the season for holiday specials and movies.

Sure, you can go with the classics like 'It's a Wonderful Life', 'A Christmas Story', 'Die Hard', or 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer', or you can enter a nightmare-fueled world of visual torments and auditory atrocities with an obscure little gem known as 'Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa'.

How bad is it?

Well, the opening credits are in comic sans font, the "movie" (which I guess it technically is) opens with a cringe-inducing Christmas rap (and the raps just keep coming), and the threadbare plot is so throwaway that even IMDB's synopsis is like reading a yawn:

"A kid accidentally drops a mailing letter for Santa Claus to his crush, who threw away her teddy bear, and somehow learns to believe in Santa."

Comic sans! Always a mark of quality. | Image: Captain Giratina, YouTube

Whoever animated this trashpile was fond of MS Paint and the clone tool in Photoshop, and everything looks as if it's a development demo for the worst Nintendo 64 game you could possibly imagine.

This still sums it all up perfectly.

Excellence Misspelled in Rapsittie Street Kids - Image: Captain Giratina, YouTube

Now, there are plenty of godawful animations on YouTube, so what makes this one so unique?

Well, not only did this festive frightmare air on national television (it ran on the fledgling WB network in 2002), but Mark Hamill did one of the voices! I am not making this up.


It's not like he was down and out and desperate for work. The guy was the voice of the Batman Animated Series' Joker - quite possibly the best portrayal of the character ever. He either spent ten minutes recording his lines as a favor for a friend or someone had dirt on Luke Skywalker and blackmailed him into it.

Nancy Cartwright's name is on there, too. That's right, the voice of Bart Simpson. That show wasn't in its prime in 2002, but it was still decent and wildly popular, so why, Nancy? Why?! But I guess a check's a check.

Okay, I've stalled long enough. If you're broken like me and enjoy subjecting yourself to trash for gits and shiggles, give this video a try. Even the most hardened internet cenobite will have difficulty actually watching the entire thing.

If you're just curious, I recommend setting the speed on this video to 2. Don't worry about the dialogue going by too quickly. Not a single word of it matters, and the high speed makes the awful raps at least sound funny.

Watch the video below, but remember...you were warned.