It's only Monday morning, and this week's already off to a freaky start. While having breakfast and skimming the news, I came across this story from Detroit that chilled me to the bone.

WDIV-TV's Larry Spruill reports that a 20-year-old Southfield, Michigan woman was found unresponsive in cardiac arrest inside her home Sunday morning. Paramedics spent half an hour performing CPR and trying to revive her, and eventually declared her deceased.

Unspecified sources told WDIV that the woman did show signs of movement at the scene, but emergency responders claimed it was a side effect of medication that had been administered to her.

Medical data from the scene was sent to the Oakland County Medical Examiner's Office, where staff agreed that the woman had shuffled loose the mortal coil. Foul play wasn't suspected, so they told the woman's family they could send her body to the funeral home of their choice.

They chose well, because staff at the funeral home took a look at the woman and saw her breathing!

They called an ambulance and the woman was taken to a local hospital still very much alive.

No further details have been released, and we don't know the woman's condition right now. Maybe she'll pull through? I don't know, but one can hope.

Stories like this always freak me out, because I can't help but imagine what would happen if I was in that situation and somehow got buried alive. (Google tells me this is called Taphophobia. I just call it AAAAAAAHHHHH!)

Maybe that's not very likely these days, but I could wake up in a body bag like poor Walter Williams of Holmes County, Mississippi. Back in February of 2014, he was pronounced dead and placed in a body bag, in which he woke up hours later and started trying to kick his way out. Staff got him out and lived for a few more weeks before actually passing away.

Then there's the case of then 16-year-old Bogdan Georgescu, who was pronounced dead in May of 2005 after collapsing and showing no signs of life. When he woke up in the morgue surrounded by dead bodies with a guy in a white coat hovering over him, he started swinging and punched the poor coroner in the head. I'm sure it was lifelong nightmare fuel for them both.

Maybe it's time to bring back safety coffins. Someone buried alive could ring a bell alerting the surface, or if you want to get modern with it, build Wi-fi into the grave so they can go live on Facebook and say, "Umm...can someone get me out of here?"

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