UPDATE: According to proprietor Wes Teeters on the official Wes's Burger Shack Facebook page, Subway restaurant in Temple has offered to hire all of Wes's displaced employees on a temporary or permanent basis. An account has been opened at Extraco Bank for those who wish to donate to the relief effort.

Photo by Tan Curtis

More than the burgers are flame-broiled at venerable Temple eatery Wes's Burger Shack & More. The establishment is closed today, its door and windows boarded over, after what seems to have been a major fire, last night.

This morning, the smell of soot hangs in the air on South Main Street. Temple authorities have yet to make an official statement, but sources close to Wes's suggest that the fire was contained to only the Burger Shack building and while the interior was a total loss, the building's structure remains undamaged. Suspicion is on an electrical fire beginning in a closet, but this is unconfirmed.