I never thought it would happen until it happened.

I was confronted by a Karen.

Over the weekend, I visited Las Vegas with a few friends and was approached by a "Karen" because I didn’t have a mask on at the time.

She was more like an Agnes…elderly white woman.

I was JUST about to put my mask on before I got on an elevator. She was already on, and she screamed at me demanding that I put my mask on before I got on.

I ignored her because she chose to scream at me as if she was my mother. Seconds later, she shoved me.

She was an elderly woman who had to be over 70, and she was with her husband.

He saw that she was in the wrong and directed her to get off of the elevator, apologized to me, and told her to get off so we could get on.

A few emotions I had:

-It was funny because for the first time in my life I was approached by a Karen (or Agnes, as I dubbed her in my head).

-I was in shock because the woman had the audacity to shove me.

-I was in a good mood, but if I wasn’t, I imagine that situation would’ve been completely different.

The moral of the story is if you’re ever confronted by a Karen, stop and think for a second about the consequences. Is it worth getting into an argument or altercation with this person?

Had I reacted and hit the woman back, I probably would have hurt her really bad.

See a Karen (or Agnes), think before you react because these women are BATS--T CRAZY!

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