Dunnnnn dun-dun dun.

Whataburger is looking to expand, and to help make that happen, the Dobson family has sold a majority interest in the company to Chicago's BDT Capital Partners, LLC.

When I saw the story from our partners at News 10, I wasn't sure how to feel. To be honest, I'm still not.

Whatabuger is a business, and most people want their business to expand, grow and reach new clientele. I get that. But something about some folks in Chi-Town calling the shots for something so iconically Texan just bugs me a little.

Then again, the firm reportedly has great success with what they call "family and founder-led companies", so maybe I'm just being overly cynical. Maybe they're smart enough to know not to tamper with what's working and just find a way to make it work outside the Southwest. The company will continue to be headquartered in San Antonio, and a few current leaders will still be involved in the everyday business of Whata'ing burgers.

What do you think? Will Whataburger be fine, or do you think it'll become just another bland burger non-destination like some national chains I won't mention here?

Sound off in the comments and let me know if I'm just being pessimistic by letting this bug me.

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