Don't do it. Don't play the Whataburger Numbers Game.

You know those plastic numbers you get when you order inside Whataburger? Yeah, you're supposed to give those back.

I don't eat inside Whataburger, but I do remember how it works. Which makes this story a bit odd for me. You place an order, they give you a number. When your order is ready, they call your number. You bring said number up to the counter to prove that the food is yours. You give back the number. Am I wrong? How in the world are people stealing the numbers, unless they're not picking up their food?

Even though this is one of the million things that I don't know, or understand, it is happening a lot. In fact, it's happening so much in North Texas that the police have issued a warning on their Facebook page. It seemed that they had confiscated so many of the numbers, they had more than the restaurant did.

Of course the best thing about this is the comments. Yea. People really show their I.Q. off a lot with something like this. Bragging about stealing on a police web sight. Smart. But people seem to think it's a Texas rite of passage.

I think I have a slight addiction 😂 #whataburger #whataburgernumbers #itsatexasthing #yallwouldntunderstand

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Worn boots✔️ Whataburger #'s✔️ Texas as heck ✔️

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