It's not everyday you see the NFL get knocked down a peg or two. The National Football League is one of the most imposing, mainstream media entities in the world and usually whatever it says, goes. Except in Texas!

An NFL memo was cited saying, "off-duty officers who attempt to bring firearms into an NFL facility will be denied entry." However, Texas state law reigns supreme - even over the NFL.

Off-duty officers who wish to carry a firearm just need to check in at a designated gate so they can inform stadium security where they are sitting, which makes perfect sense, in my honest opinion, as it still holds them accountable.

Ron Pinkston of the Dallas Police Association had this to say about the matter to CBS Dallas/Fort Worth:

Our officers are 24/7, on or off duty, and if they run into a critical incident - they are required to take action. Our officers will be allowed to carry their weapon into AT&T Stadium and other football stadiums in the State of Texas due to Texas law.

Before Texas law was upheld, the rule states only officers assigned to the detail could carry firearms in football stadiums.

The NFL still believes there is already enough security at stadiums and there is no need for armed off-duty officers.

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