A Round Rock elementary school teacher is accused of filming a female co-worker in the staff bathroom.

According to KEYETV.com, the Williamson County Sheriff's Office has charged Robert Lance Bradley, 36, with invasive visual recording, which is a state felony.

This past Wednesday deputies were notified by officials at Fern Bluff Elementary that a video recording device had been found in the staff bathroom. It seemed that the camera was hidden in a Styrofoam drinking cup and was pointed toward the stall (feel free to be grossed out here).

The Sheriff's office says that a recording on the camera allegedly shows Mr. Bradley setting up the camera, then leaving the room. An adult female then enters, uses the facilities, and leaves. That's followed by Mr. Bradley returning to retrieve the camera.

If there is any good news from this is that it looks like adults were the target. Parents are attempting to answer their children's questions on this the best they can. According to a parent of two students, Cliff Mullen, "They're trying to fill in these blanks of, 'Well why is a video camera bad?'

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