There are numerous news stories that I come across each day that make me clean my glasses, and make sure that I'm not misreading what I'm looking at. Well this one here, took the cake and caused me to get to typing.

KWTX reported that a man from Ohio has been sentenced after being busted in a sex sting in Austintown, Ohio.

23 year old male, Albert Maruna was attempting to ask for sexual favors from what he thought was a 15 year old boy. In reality, it actually ended up being an undercover police officer.

Authorities helping to conduct the sex sting said, Maruna was using Chicken Alfredo and Sprite to attempt to seduce the officer. Also, Maruna said he was going to bring the lube for the potential lust filled night.

This sting took place back in December of 2017, and this week he was sentenced to just a mere seven days in county jail, 120 days on house arrest, and has to register as a sex offender.

America we have to do better!

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