I remember the first 35mm camera I ever got. It was right before I went to Germany in high

It cost over 400 dollars to have all my pictures developed

school. The folks thought it would be nice to have a good camera for a once in a lifetime event. I loved it. I took tons of pictures. It wasn't until I got home and had the photo's developed that I ran into the issue that sucked about the 35mm camera. The film. It cost over 400 dollars to have all my pictures developed. It also cost over 400 dollars to realize that I suck at taking pictures. From that moment on I only bought the disposable 35mm cameras.

Then I got the digital camera. I still suck at taking photos, but now I can simply delete the ones that suck more than normal, then email them to whomever. No printing for me. I'm fine with 8 megapixels, but they go higher.

We've given you a chance, 8 chances actually, to win a new Nikon Camera. This has 20.8 megapixels.

All you have to do is get social with us.

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