In a world full of social media platforms, there are always going to be some casualties (I'm looking at you MySpace). There is a war that will decide which companies will reign supreme - in my opinion Facebook and Instagram are some of the heavy hitters now with live stream and Instagram videos. You may have noticed I left Twitter out of that list. While it's still a giant, the company announced last Thursday it will be cutting 9 percent of its workforce and is shutting down - a social media platform that showcases 6-second video.

Since it's looking bleak for Vine, we thought we'd share some of the Vine videos and stars from Central Texas - specifically Killeen and Temple. After all, it was a social media force that kept us on our phones for 4 years.

Location: Temple, Texas

Location: Killeen

It appears Killeen has a bonafide Vine star - Jr. Domanite. I dig his dance moves. Do you?

There are many, many more videos to check out before Vine shuts its doors for good. Just head over to and search for your city. Who knows, you'll probably recognize a few people from your neighborhood!