I'm all about spreading little tips and tricks. After all, life is tough enough. If there's a break out there, I want in on it. I don't know a person out there who couldn't use more money to help with things. It seems like there's always something that costs, am I right? What if I told you I stumbled across something that could put money in your pocket, money that belongs to you in the first place?

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There's a website that is a division of the Texas State Comptroller which is used for unclaimed cash and property. It turns out that Texas has over 4 billion dollars just hanging out there. For example, if you had a job where you were owed a final paycheck but never received it, it would be unclaimed property with the state. I know this because I searched for myself and found a pleasant surprise - money owed to me from an old job when I was in college.

Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

More examples of unclaimed cash property include:

  • Payroll or cashier's checks
  • Stocks, bonds, or mutual fund accounts
  • Utility deposits and other refunds
  • Bank accounts and safe deposit box
  • Insurance payouts
  • Mineral interest or royalty payments
  • Court deposits, trust funds, or escrow accounts
  • Overpayments on utilities and other bills

Vehicles and Real Estate are not unclaimed properties.

It's completely free to search your name and see if you have unclaimed cash property. If you do, submitting a claim form is easy and done online. What are you waiting for? You could be sitting on a nice chunk of change.

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