Texas is under intense scrutiny following Governor Abbott's strict abortion law, and one man let the Governor know his true thoughts during a recent encounter.


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According to a report from San Antonio Express News, Governor Abbott was rolling in to Harper’s Restaurant in Dallas when he was approached and called out to by a man.

The man, known as Eric Katzenberger, 34, cleverly coaxed Abbott over by pretending to be ecstatic to meet the Governor of Texas.

Abbott can be seen smiling and looking extremely pleased with himself until Katzenberger decides to end his charade and ask:

"Why would you sign a law telling women whether they can have an abortion or not?"

At this point you can see a glint of confusion and realization on Governor Abbott's face as he finally understands that Katzenberger isn't actually a fan of his work.

But it doesn't end there.

Katzenberger continues, and states to Governor Abbott, "That makes you a douche bag."


Katzenberger is said to have shared the video with only friends at first, but one of them asked to upload the video to TikTok. Katzenberger agreed to the meeting being uploaded, and it took off! The response to his video lured Katzenberger in enough to create his own TikTok account, where he uploaded the video again.

Apparently Governor Abbott didn't respond to Katzenberger's statement, but he says that Abbott's security detail wasn't very happy with the conversation.

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