Texas to Russian Request to Monitor Election: Nyet!
Let me start off by stating this  emphatically: we here in America are still the good guys, and there is enough evidence coming out of Russia of these days that they are still the bad guys over 20 years after the fall of communism. And I will broach no discussion  otherwise!
Live Filibuster
District 10 Senator Wendy Davis is in the midst of a 13-hour filibuster to stop passage of SB5, a controversial bill that supporters say would protect unborn children and opponents say would effectively dismantle women's health services in Texas. The measure passed the Texas House last wee…
Blame Game Continues
If you saw Michelle Obama's whimsical presentation of the Oscar winner for best picture last night, you'd think the country was in tip-top shape right now.  The wife of our beloved leader presenting an Academy Award with Jack NIcholson...
New Writer, Same Old Speech
Riding the wave of his re-election, President Barack Obama  hit upon themes of the economy, energy, climate change and gun control in his State of the Union address delivered to a joint session of Congress.

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