A young comedian from Waco might have an upcoming role in a Hollywood movie.

According to a report from Yahoo news, Je’Niece McCullough, the late, great comedian Bernie Mac's daughter, spoke with TMZ to discuss the people who she would like to see take on the role of Bernie Mac in an upcoming biopic.

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The film is set to be produced by John Legend's production company, Get Lifted. The announcement was just made at the 2021 Tribeca Festival by Legend’s producing partner Mike Jackson, during a panel discussion. The company has stated that they will be working with Bernie Mac's estate on the project, but there is currently not a release date at this time.

McCullough told TMZ that she's had two people in mind for the role of her father Bernie Mac for a while. If the story begins with Mac as a teenager, then McCullough would like to see Waco's very own YouTube star and comedian, Mark Phillips.


According to RDCWorld1:

Mark is a founding member of RDC as well as the leader and face of the team. He came up with the name and meaning of RDCWorld because it was something that resonated with him on a personal level: "Real Dreams Change the World"

The group consists of 7 members, and they have a massive following of 4.92M subscribers on Youtube. Many of the members hail right here from Central Texas, and Mark Phillips was recognized, along with the rest of the RDC team, at the Waco Awards show in 2019 in the category of Best Comedian.

I actually attended the show, and got this quick video of the team accepting the award, and encouraging others to follow their dreams.

For the adult version of Bernie Mac, McCullough would like to see 34-year-old Aldis Hodge in the role. Je'Niece says he's a great actor with a similar complexion to Bernie. While Je'Niece's mom is the head of her father's estate, Je-Niece doesn't think she'll have any problems convincing her mother of her picks.

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