Remember that sad guy at last week's Cowboys Game shown hugging his girlfriend because the Dallas Cowboys were eliminated from the playoffs?

ESPN, YouTube
ESPN, YouTube

Well, turns out the beautiful woman he's consoling in the picture above is NOT his girlfriend!

Yikes! More on him in a minute...

Sadness For Dallas Cowboy Nation

Just to recap, the Dallas Cowboys lost to the San Francisco 49ers 23-17 in a nail biter last weekend in the NFC Wild Card game.

Hundreds of thousands of Cowboy fans worldwide were saddened, upset, and frankly tired of their beloved football team (which hasn't appeared or won in a Super Bowl since 1995) losing again.

During the final moments of the game, TV cameras caught tons of humiliated Dallas Cowboy fans at AT&T stadium sulking.

For instance, this one girl's reaction summed up the pain Cowboys fans felt.

ESPN, Youtube
ESPN, Youtube

Of course, you know ESPN's Stephen A. Smith had a field day with teasing Cowboys great Michael Irvin about the loss.


Serial Cheater/ Cowboys Fan

Now, back to this guy...

ESPN, YouTube
ESPN, YouTube


If you ask me, this is a very messed up way to get caught in a lie.

It's one thing to lie about it, it's another thing to see your face on TV in front of millions.

I'm sure he would never think it would have been his face on ESPN and other sports networks.

Think about this though: he paid a ton of money for those Cowboys playoff tickets. If I am taking someone with me, I am taking someone I value.

Maybe the lady who was his ex was actually the side chick?



Anyway, Cowboys fans, there's always next year, right?


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