Earlier this week, Bell County opened its arms to Hurricane Harvey evacuees from hard-hit Brazoria County. Around 1,000 people who may have lost everything are trying their best to feel at home here, so the owners of a local food truck want to serve them comfort food. It's an incredibly kind gesture, and all of us can pitch in to help with the cost.

Jay and Christie Williams, owners of Wat Tha Truck, plan to serve burgers and hot dogs to evacuees at the Killeen Community Center Wednesday night and Fairway Middle School Thursday night.

When we heard about their plans, we knew we couldn't let them do it alone. We'll be accepting donations of Walmart and HEB gift cards to help Jay and Christie pay for hamburger meat, hot dogs, buns, chips, and drinks.

Any amount would be much appreciated.

Gift cards can be dropped off at our offices in Temple at 608 Moody Lane (click here for a map) between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM, or you can call Marianne Ward (254-913-4052) or Kelsey Kilter (254-624-5065) and they can arrange to pick them up.

We ask that you please not try to drop off donations at the Killeen Community Center or Fairway Middle School out of respect for the space and privacy of our displaced neighbors from Brazoria County.

We've received word that the owner of Er Thang Cajun food truck is also planning to feed evacuees and could use some help as well.

They've received a generous donation of 1,000 pounds of beans from Cameila Red Beans to get them started. Now they need white rice, containers, forks, and propane.

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