It's been 25 years since Texas' first drive-thru only Chick-Fil-A opened in Temple, and Wednesday, August 21st is your last chance to drive through and say goodbye.

I was 7 when it opened, and I remember how bizarre it seemed to me at the time that they'd have two drive-thru lanes, one of which required you to lean over from the driver's seat if you didn't have a passenger. I rode along with mom, and so I got to pay for the food and take it from the attendant. It seems dorky thinking about it know, but as a young kid I felt pretty proud of myself being given so much responsibility. (It's the little moments.)

In a Facebook post, the staff at the 3306 South 31st location announced they'll officially be closing down after serving their final meals Wednesday.

They're not going away, though. As you've no doubt noticed, they've got a beautiful new location just across the street to 3303 S. 31st where El Chico used to be. It's almost ready to open, and we can't wait to visit.

I'll admit that the old drive-thru only location holds a little nostalgic glow for me, but then I remember how crazy the lines there could get and how many times I decided to just walk up to the front window. I'm sure the staff will appreciate having more room to move around, and the customers will appreciate the less claustrophobic drive-thru at the new location.

Here are a few pics we snapped of the new location. Will you be visiting opening day? Will you miss the old location? Let us know in the comments!

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