Children are our future and it's amazing to see how many young ones go missing on a monthly basis. For Texas it seems even worse as there have been at least 95 reports of missing children who have yet to return home so far in 2016.

It's truly a sad story to meet a parent who hasn't slept in weeks and is doing everything in their realm of possibility to see their child again. After speaking with Killeen mother Cynderella Fonken who has been tirelessly trying to get her child Rubie to return home since June 24, 2016, it's really all we want as well.

Rubie Matos, age 16, was last seen in Killeen on June 24, 2016. She is 5'6" and weighs about 145 pounds with brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Whether these kids have run off on their own free will, been abducted, or are with someone suspicious, it's important these children are brought home to their families.

Please scroll through the photos above and see if you might have any information concerning their location and well being. Your help is appreciated by families and the authorities.

1) Amber Bailey

2) Destiny Forester

3) Bailee Martin

4) Kayli Guthrie

5) Dawson Crouch

6) Lerrssy Frausto

7) Bryann Boyle

8) Jacquelyn Aguilera

9) Victoria Ramirez-Guerrero

10) Laurel Cogdill

11) Anna Villanueva

12) Rubie Matos