If you're fed up with the PC, anti-conservative coffee shops that are dominating the country, good news.

Houston Eater.com is reporting that a new veteran-owned coffee shop will be opening in The Woodlands near Houston, and it aims to be a gathering place for Second Amendment supporters, vets, and law enforcement.

A website for Operator Coffee Company announced plans to open some time in 2018 in The Woodlands, then branch out into Dallas and San Antonio in the next two years.

Right now it seems the plan is to hire baristas that are licensed to carry while they serve up "veteran-roasted freedom". In addition to the shots of caffeinated freedom, the shop, which describes itself as being committed to  "traditional conservative values", will also serve milkshakes, locally-sourced pastries, and lunch items.

It will also host The Operators Club, which will be sort of a social club for veterans, law enforcement, and the "pro 2A community" to gather for trips to the gun range. Something tells us you may be welcome to open-carry there at some point as well, which is currently frowned upon by Starbucks.

What more is there to life....

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If you're familiar with The Woodlands, Owner Zack Weisenburger is currently looking for a location along FM 1488.

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