Fatherly.com is bringing up the story of the Lone Star Tick again as a reminder to be on the lookout for this pest as the summer months arrive.

The Journal of Medical Entomology has been reporting as many as one hundred Lone Star Tick bites in far off places like Minnesota, Long Island, New Hampshire, and elsewhere.  Like other ticks, the Lone Star Tick can carry lyme and powassan, and cause Rocky Mountain fever. It also can cause what many people call "meat sweats". Basically, it's an allergy that causes an individual to lose any and all taste for red meat.

This critter gets it's name because of the white Texas shaped patch on it's back. The Center for Disease Control says 2017 could be a bad year for ticks. Recommended repellents that are helpful in keeping ticks away include 20% to 30% DEET.

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