We're seeing it more and more as of recently. Temple is putting itself back on the map with new restaurants, stores and it's even planning renovations of the historic Hawn Hotel and Arcadia Theater - turning the hotel into luxury condominiums.

On Monday, September 26, Temple welcomes its newest addition, Anaheim Tex-Mex, located on 12 S. Main St. The restaurant will be open from 7 am (for your breakfast taco lovers) to 9 pm / 10 pm on Friday and Saturdays.

Some people might say we already have plenty of Tex-Mex/Mexican restaurants but here's how I see it: the more there are, the more choices of queso we'll have. Simple math, people!

Plus... a very nice looking assortment of desserts.

I really love seeing that downtown Temple is getting some attention. It's a beautiful and storied area that deserves to be appreciated by Texans from all over.