Today we took a little field trip into the north Temple woods to find the three abandoned wartime aircraft mentioned recently in the Temple Daily Telegram.

Honestly, I don't know what was more fun. Actually finding them, or the treasure hunt through the north side of town to narrow down the possible resting place of the lost F-14's, and the Phantom F-4.

The planes themselves have been sitting in the woods for a couple of decades. Nobody is sure how they got there, but the story in the paper explained a group of Texans is trying to give the planes a proper burial. We wanted to check them out before they head off to the great hanger in the sky.

The body of the planes are pretty much all that is left of them. Portions of the wings and tail of the planes can be found off to the side a little further into the woods.

Hard to imagine that at one point their resting place was said to be more of an open field. At one point a band shot a music video back in there.

You can see them with a Google Earth search. They are clearly visable from above. What is so funny is the number of people who live near by who have no idea they are there.

Google Earth Photo of North Temple Woods

If you do try to locate them, know that the land they are sitting on is private and if you attempt to find them you do so at your own risk. Please be respectful and safe if you attempt to look at them.

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