Here's a video to help explain the Texas religion of High School Football.

I try to explain high school football to my friends and family back home in North Dakota but I always feel like I don't do it justice. The level of intensity is something we don't have back home. High school Class "B" basketball is as close as it can get, and that's the old version of Class "B", before all the merging of the towns.

When I first came to Temple for my job interview, Temple Wildcat Stadium was the first thing that caught my eye. I asked in my interview, which college was across the Interstate? When my future boss told me that was a high school, I was speechless. It was just as big as the college stadiums I was used to back home, and this was high school.

Then, when I started working on the commercials for Temple, and at the time, Belton, I made a mistake and put a Belton sponsor on the Temple game, and I darn near got fired for it. Yes, they take it that seriously folks.

Wildcat football will be back this year on K1017, and to get all you Wildcat Fans pumped up for it here is a little drone action for you.

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