We know crime is no laughing matter, but some co-workers and I couldn't help cracking up when we saw this photo shared by the Arlington Police Department Wednesday afternoon.

Police say the "beer baron" in the surveillance still above grabbed five cases of Bud Light and hoofed it out of a convenience store before taking off in a Dodge pickup truck.

It's not the crime itself that's funny, but the intense look on the bibulous bandit's face. Without a wider shot, it's impossible to tell if he's keeping an eye on a clerk whose head is turned the other way or just giving someone a look that says, "Yep, this is happening!". Either way, that look is priceless.

The torn sleeves, cargo shorts, and slider shoes just make the image even more hilarious for some reason.

Thankfully this wasn't a violent crime, but it's a crime nonetheless and we wish police luck locating the suspect.

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