A 19-year-old Austin man was talking to his girlfriend on his phone using FaceTime last week when three men attacked him in his apartment and put a gun to his head. Yale Gerstein, the victim, was hit in the face with pistols and told to put his face down. The three assailants wound up stealing thousands of dollars of music equipment.

And all while this was happening, his girlfriend watched helplessly from Dallas as her boyfriend had a gun pinned to his head. That's how she saw a clear view of one of the suspects faces.

On Wednesday, Austin Police were able to identify two of the three suspects thanks to the FaceTime video.

One of the suspects - Jacob Carter - was actually turned in by his mother who reported him to the police after seeing him in the news and on social media. The second suspect is a 10th grader and is an Austin ISD student named Michael Aleman, Jr. There are currently warrants out for their arrests while the third suspect has yet to be identified.