Let's get this out-of-the-way: the Belton Chamber is hosting a forum Monday morning where you can ask your state representative what's on your mind.  It starts at 7 AM in the Harris Center, 401 N. Alexander.  Let's hope people take advantage of this opportunity in the spirit which it's intended. And I'm not talking about waving placards and chanting.

Belton Chamber Meeting, Monday, March 13, 2017
Image Courtesy of Belton Area Chamber of Commerce

It's hard to tell if recent "protests" at town-hall meetings posted by elected officials are genuinely spontaneous or choreographed obstructions. My cynical side presumes the latter even though no smoking gun has been uncovered detailing pre-planning.

Regardless, it's important for the public to engage with their public servants. A telephone and email address are most effective in communicating your point of view on the various issues of the day to your elected officials. But when they offer you the choice, definitely take advantage of a public forum with your representatives.  If you don't, chances are greater that outside agitators and rabble-rousers will. If that happens, they'll turn it into a photo opportunity for their placards, and that's not what our tax dollars are supposed to pay for.

If you have a grievance with an elected official, one based on policy and not personality or ideology, then by all means speak up. But if you're there because you like what protesting feels like in your system because your college professor waxed rhapsodic about those halcyon 1960's days, a rerun of the Mod Squad on CoziTV might suit you better.

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