Even though down here in Texas we're all about Southern hospitality, that might not be what some of our animals live by. Being the largest state in the continental United States, there's a lot of wilderness here, but not all the dangerous animals live in the woods or the desert. Some could be hiding in your house.

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The reality is there are tons of dangerous and deadly animals that wouldn't think twice about killing you in the Lone Star State, whether intentionally or not. Some of these animals are creepy crawlies that blend in so well with nature that you can’t see them, and some of them are as large as small cars.

A while back, I put together a list of generally dangerous creatures in Texas, which pretty much just means stay far away from them. For this article, I wanted to list animals that are most likely to actually kill you. One might make you chuckle at first glance, but chances are you know someone who's been affected by a fatal encounter with it.

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I love it here in Texas, and I wouldn’t change being a Texan for anything in the world, but living here has taught me to always been very alert of my surroundings because this great state is definitely an example of survival of the fittest.

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