Don't look now, but I feel like I haven't had to recap a 'Blue Bell licker' story in almost an entire month. Thankfully, the streak doesn't end here.

We do, however, have to announce a Blue Bell recall to make sure you are aware of which flavor not to buy when you make your ice cream run this weekend. You'll want to take a look in the freezer for Blue Bell's 'Butter Crunch Ice Cream'. There is a possibility of a foreign object in the product according to an announcement from the company on Tuesday.

According to a customer complaint pieces of plastic have been found in the ice cream and Blue Bell feels the plastic came from a tool that broke along the assembly line. The recall is an attempt to try to stay in front of the situation. The batch of ice cream in question was produced on August 26th at the Blue Bell plant in Alabama. The product code on the label is "082621222" which is on the top of the lid.

No injuries have been reported due to the plastic and Blue Bell has asked all stores carrying the flavor to remove it from the freezer.

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