We've told you recently that the hottest ticket (or in this case "wristband") in Central Texas right now is the Austin City Limits Music Festival which is on hold until Weekend 2 fires off on Friday. Everyone is trying to find their way in which creates opportunities for "entrepreneurial" criminals.

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According to CBS Austin, Nathan Beck, 20, Cameron Beck, 24, and Michael Martin, 33, were selling ACL wristbands on Craigslist but there was a slight catch to the purchase. Once their customers paid them, they put a wristband on their clients, then escort them into the festival. Once you're inside, folks would take their wristband off and they would repeat the process over and over again with the next set of customers.

The thing is, these wristbands have tech inside of it that enables it to be scanned and tracked. Here's mine:


These guys must have been making a nice little chunk of change because police say their wristbands had been scanned 104 times which according to the report, was worth almost $11,000 to festival organizers.

They were caught after an undercover officer paid one of them $150 for a wristband. After he got past the gate and returned his wristband, uniformed officers arrested one suspect, then arrested the other two when they went to Zilker Park to look for him. - CBS Austin

If one undercover cop paid $150 and its been scanned 104 times by other folks, you do the math! Sheesh.

But of course whatever ill gotten profit they may have received will have to go to lawyers and court fees since all three have been charged with theft of services and organized criminal activity.

When it comes to buying stuff from Craigslist, here's a little reminder from one of the ACL headliners this year Childish Gambino: Stay woke.

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