Tiger Field was home to "Camp Champion" on Monday evening which gave special needs students from Belton ISD a chance to work with members of the football team, cheerleaders, and coaches.

Drake Lawson with News 10 spoke with Athletic Director Brian Cope who said it was a great opportunity to give back to the community with "Camp Champion".

Kids from pre-k through 12th grade had the chance to run drills with members of the football team, and had the chance to practice tackling, running, kicking, as well as cheerleading.

Students from pre-k through high school participated in drills that involved tacking, running, kicking, and even cheer-leading. Belton Senior Jonah Jimenez told News 10, "They might not be able to be on the football team or do other things, but giving them this opportunity it's just awesome."

Coach Cope said the event is not only about making great football players and cheerleaders but they also try to help make great young men and women as well. It's the first time the school district has held this type of event and the hope to host more opportunities in the future.

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