I don't know if you remember the brawl that happened back in July of 2020 at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport with three women attacking Spirit Airlines employees.

Well, another physical altercation over a face masks occurred this week.

The latest face mask brawl took place inside the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida after a crowd of passengers booed a pair of women reportedly kicked off a plane for not wearing face masks.

While attempting to leave Ft. Lauderdale during spring break, three women were escorted off a plane flying to Chicago for not adhering to the face cover policy in the aircraft, according to a report by 7News out of Miami.

While being escorted back into the terminal by police, the crowd waiting to board the plane started booing and checking the women at the American Airlines terminal.

The situation quickly escalated after one of the women and a passenger exchanged words. Despite a police officer trying to separate the two ladies, slaps and punches were thrown. It took multiple Broward Sheriff's Office deputies to break the brawl up and calm down the situation.

The waiting crowd gathered to board their flight serenaded and jeered as both parties were taken away by police.


Similar incidents like this have been happening since the mask mandate on airplanes has been enforced since the pandemic. I believe things are gonna be the same for a while with anti-maskers.

As a former airline employee who worked in Austin's airport during the pandemic, I abide by all rules because I know what those employees are going through and because I don't want to get booted off a plane and lose my flight privileges.

Remember: just because a state like Texas lifts its statewide mask mandate doesn't mean private businesses can't require you to wear a face covering for the safety of employees and other customers. If you don't agree with the policy, you're absolutely free to do business elsewhere. There's no reason to cause a scene or a fight and possibly get yourself arrested like this Texas woman who got herself arrested twice recently.

There's really no need for people to be throwing fists and getting arrested over this, and the people in line really shouldn't have made the situation worse than it already was.

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